Azeez O.

Azeez O. has over five years’ of 360º work experience in Communications and Reputation Management. He has displayed exceptional interpersonal skills, proficiency and versatility while working as a Journalist, Digital Content Manager, Editor, Managing Editor and Communications Manager over the years.

While working as a Communications Manager, Azeez has demonstrated astuteness at managing internal and external public relations at corporate and personal brand level using effective semantic and psychological tools; capturing the intent of clients and aptly representing these without ambiguity. He has also supervised the editing and curation of copies for High Networth Individuals (HNIs) in top-management positions across the Nigerian Religious space, African Oil and Gas industry as well as Global Tech and Finance sectors.

As a Managing Editor, Azeez supervised the delivery of hundreds of flawless digital and traditional content, with 17 – ghostwritten for one of the top 100 most influential people in the world (Newsweek, 2008) and perhaps Nigeria’s biggest Christian cleric – and two published in more than four mediums across five continents, and millions of copies sold in the process.

He has requisite skills in managing crisis, organizing and executing campaign strategies, nurturing agency and media relations, and equal proficiency in print publishing and team management. He currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria. In his spare time, you would most likely find him watching Chelsea FC or consuming himself in books or some other digital content.