About Us

We are Nigeria’s first all-inclusive content solutions firm, providing world class services in academic writing, content editing, book publishing, business communication, talent management and advisory for individuals and corporate bodies.

At WriteHelp NG, we are tackling all YOUR challenges with written communication, using our unique model.

Our publishing arm focuses on listening to your heartbeats – the soft unspoken rhythms. We breathe life to them, wording them in your own language. We can turn anything into a book!

With a team of experienced writers and editors in our Writing Academy, we are well poised to help aspiring writers and professionals in the work place transition from learners to wordsmiths.

Whether you are looking to:

✓ tell a story,

✓ express an opinion,

✓ market yourself to a recruiter,

✓ pitch your idea/product/service to a potential sponsor,

✓ hire a content specialist or

✓ position yourself for access into research/academic institutions…

The advisory professionals here will work with you to cut through the complexities of written communication, thereby, giving you that competitive advantage.

Our exceptional mastery of this craft, respect for time and our impeccable customer service are why we have gained top mindshare among students, authors, publishers and corporate bodies.

Our peerless track record speaks for itself. This is why, from across the world, individuals who are looking to gain access to Ivy League institutions trust us to guide them through the process.

Since 2016, we have also consistently remained the first choice for many companies when they need to recruit top communication talents or public relations business partners. This is why they trust us:

Quick Turnaround

Our staff members are available virtually round the clock, this is why we can offer 5- and 12-hour urgent turnaround times in addition to our more traditional options. These extremely quick turnaround times are unparalleled anywhere in the country. We are strongly motivated to do this just so you can meet your critical deadlines. Rest assured, we won’t compromise on quality.

Industry Knowledge

All our editors are trained English speakers with degrees from English speaking universities and are passionate about fixing and improving your papers. As the most trusted editing service provider in Lagos Nigeria, we have edited over 100, 000 pages in just four years.


Our prices are perhaps, the most affordable in the industry. We also offer quotes in minutes so that you always know how much your project will cost before making a decision. What more, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.


You will never walk alone.

From the moment you walk through our physical or virtual doors, we make you feel at home so we can understand your pain points, in order to turn it around to your advantage as an individual or a corporate body.

Our Numbers; Our Strength

Over 8 Million words edited since 2016

More than 200 happy clients

100+ years of cumulative industry experience among our staff

4 continents reached

Nigeria’s 1st all-inclusive content solutions provider


Without doubt, we provide the best writing and editing value in the content industry. Try out our service today, and you will discover why we are the first choice of students and professionals, at home and abroad.

Reach out now to see how we can work together.