Editing and Publishing

We know about all the stress that comes with writing a book. We also know it is easier for you to dream of a finished copy than to get to work.

Let’s take away your worries by writing your book for you. We make authorship as simple as speaking or jotting. By merely sharing audio notes, or extracts from your diary, we can make you a published author in the space of one week, using our unique model.

On the other hand, if you have written your book, we are aware that it can become so boring and monotonous having to review your own story all over again. You would most likely lose your objectiveness when reading what you have created. Our editors will offer an experienced, eagle-eyed review of your manuscript to ensure your writing is indeed a masterpiece and is error free.

We specialize in perfecting print books, eBooks, letters, articles, blog posts, essays, and other author-created texts through copy editing, line editing, developmental editing, ghostwriting, and proofreading. We are also able to help you publish in print or digitally. Some of our books are on Kindle.

Trusted by countless authors and publishers, since 2016, we have ghostwritten and edited over 200 books. Why not let us take the burden off your shoulders?

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