Academic Writing

We recognize that not everyone can craft words with clarity, communicating exactly what is intended. We also know the importance you place on getting a second eye to look at your work – a professional eye at that. We are ready to be your mouth and your eyes.

At WriteHelp NG, we understand the need for you to beautifully communicate your relevance, and we share your goal to submit only an entry that captures the best of your accomplishments.

We cannot wait to put in the efforts required to prepare your papers, essays, and research projects. Our joy is seeing you excel in your educational pursuits.

Our experienced editors have reviewed over 100 applications for clients while maintaining the highest standards of attention to detail, privacy, thoroughness and quality in their work.

From Preston to Portsmouth, Brock to Ontario, Abuja to Wageningen, Paris to Delft, America to Ireland, Lagos to Lancaster, our student clients who have continually benefitted from our writing, editing and review services are eternally grateful.

We specialize in writing and/or perfecting statements of purpose, personal statements, motivation letters, essays, term papers, school reports, research papers, term papers, application essays among others.

Some of our clients are here:

University of Lancaster, England

The Lagos Business School

Arden University, UK

Nexford University, USA

Brock University, Canada

United Nations IHE Delft

University of Portsmouth, England

Abuja Global Shapers

Science Po, France

Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands

Griffith University, Ireland

Coventry University, UK

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), USA

Birmingham City University (BCU), UK

University of Regina (U of R), Canada

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